Kindness is Like Sugar

Or in this case, like leftover Halloween candy.

Just like that Halloween is over and the result of a wonderful night of fright and trick-or-treating is a basket full of candy. In our house, we would eat our favorites and then the rest would just sit there, waiting until we finally got sick of looking at it and it would get thrown away. The family favorites don’t last long, but if your candy basket ends up lingering around your house until after Christmas, here are some practical things you can do this year it to get rid of it quickly and maybe brighten someone’s day in the process:

  1. Make candy bark! This one is super easy. Just take all candy of the chocolate variety and break it up into small pieces. I like to just put it all in one big bowl and mixed up. You will need to purchase some Candiquick or candy melts of some sort. You can use the fun, colored candy melts to add an extra something special to this treat. Melt the candy according to the instructions on the package (every type of meltable chocolate requires different things it seems like). Next, pour this onto a cookie sheet. This helps to create the thin, bark-like candy. Then you take your broken up candy bars and scatter them on top of the candy melt. I like to throw some of that leftover candy corn in there as well! After this, you just place the cookie sheet in the freezer and let it set up for a little while. Once it’s nice and hardened, you crack it out of the cookie sheet into bark pieces and there you have it! Halloween Candy Bark!
  2. This is one of my personal favorite ideas… Leftover Halloween Candy Pancakes. We all love chocolate chip pancakes, but what about pancakes with pieces of Reese’s cups, Snickers and M&M’s in them?! Um, yes please! Just pick up your favorite pancake mix from the store or pull it right out of your pantry, break up your left over candy bars and add them to the batter. Cook your pancakes like you always do and viola! Colorful, candy bar pancakes!
  3. Use them to make Thanksgiving treat bags. Grab some treat bags, ziplock snack size bags, or tissue paper and make little candy bundles to hand out to teachers, coworkers, or friends for Thanksgiving! Here are some cute tags for you to attach to your treat bags for that Pinterest-y touch. – Thanksgiving Treat Bag Tags!

    for sharing our special day!

  4. November is usually the time where Christmas care packages are being put together. Donate your leftover Halloween candy to a local church or organization that puts together care packages for college students or soldiers. Or make them on your own if you feel led! It’s a win-win: you get the candy out of the house and it goes to a great cause! Operation Gratitude is one of the many places you can donate your candy too. Click here to go to their site and find a drop-off location near you.
  5. Donate it to a classroom treasure box or church children’s ministry! Candy always comes in handy when working with children. Easy peasy and your kids may still get some of the candy they collected!

What do you and your family do with your leftover candy? How do you pierce your mundane day-after-Halloween? Comment with your Halloween Candy ideas!




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